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                Just Cute represents JJ.CUTE's brand concept: "I am just cute", fashion is not mediocre, and self-confidence is not blindly followed.


                To change the monotonous workplace atmosphere, to help new age women continue to be young and lovely while integrating into the social environments, to express their unique selves, to create women’s workplace group, to redefine a new generation of Oriental women's fashion trends, to empower new age women with a full, independent, free and different style.


                Loveliness is an attraction that makes people want to be close to you.


                JJ.CUTE has set up exclusive research institutes in Taiwan to test various colors and formulations to cater to Asian women's needs. Its products include lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners, and are all in line with international quality standards.

                  • Glamour Blossoming Lip Gloss

                    FABULOUS LIPSTICK
                    Vivid nude #9/Rebel bolds #5/Creamy Coral #6
                    Make up your face and bloom with confidence and charm
                    Texture is soft and delicate, color is natural and glossy
                    A silky smooth lip gloss
                    Shape with pure color and freshen your lips
                  • Enchanting Newborn Eyeliner Pens

                    CHARMING EYELINER
                    Shine brown #3/Dark black #7/Shine black #8
                    Waterproof, charming, easy to outline deep eyes
                    Waterproof and easy to outline deep eyes
                    Sweatproof, waterproof, non halo dye
                    Automatic smoothing, easy to use
                  • New Moon Automatic Eyebrow Pen

                    AUTO EYEBROW PENCIL
                    Chestnut Brown #19/Dark Brown #18/Beige #16/Dark Gray #15
                    Pale moon color, delicate eyebrow make-up is easy to contour
                    Automatic smoothing, easy to use
                    Soft texture, quick make-up
                    Applies very well, eyebrows are long lasting